Programming Basics
Title Description Type Image
Compendium 20201 A collection of writing, projects, and process.  Web      
Even Signs Must Burn2 A collection of academic essays concerning Jean Baudrillard.  Publication      
Atlases3 A series of booklets in conversation with Paul Klee's illustrations.   Publication      ✨
Barefoot Across America4 An archive of Mark Baumer's attempt to cross America barefoot.  Publication  
Emoji Beziers5 A collection of collaged text.  Web      🍇
Insecure Archive6 A compilation of writing and miscellany.  Publication  
How to Rent A Room7 Silky animated type to a set of lyrics.  Animation   
Holographic Bruises8 A book about the UFC and the 2000s. Publication   
Spans9 A prickly typeface for prickly publications. Typeface   
84 Evergreen Street10 A poetry collection dedicated to an apartment. Publication        
Bad Object(s)11 A collection of insecure objects. Objects     
Insecure Server12 Conversations through anxiety, insecurity, and gravity Web  
Anxious Praxis13 A scramble to make. Quick writing to quickly capture a mistake. Web       💭
Soon(s)14 An app to time travel across blobs. Web       💬️
RISD GD Biennial Grad Show15 The Biennial GD Grad show identity designed in collaboration with Robert McConnell and Weixi Zeng Identity
Blobology16 Mark Fisher's conversation
with Burial
Compendium(s)17 Collections of writing across graduate school Publication       
From When Dinosaurs
Walked the Earth
Poetry pong about oil and fossils and today (with Noa Machover) Pong

Everett Epstein 2020 — Providence, RI